Nate Ewell: 3 things

Nate Ewell heads the the Washington Capitals’ media relations staff. For the past two years, Nate’s group has received the Dick Dillman Award for the NHL’s Eastern Conference, given annually to the team judged to be the best in media relations by the members of the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association.

“It is a great honor for us to be recognized by the PHWA,” said Ewell, who I have known since he was assistant sports information director at Michigan State a decade ago. “It is a pleasure to work with their membership and the rest of the media every day. We are blessed with tremendous leadership from our owners, general manager George McPhee and head coach Bruce Boudreau. The players on the Washington Capitals are a special group and deserve a lot of the credit for this award as well.”
The Dillman Award honors the late Dick Dillman, a highly respected media relations director for the Minnesota North Stars. Members of the PHWA are eligible to vote on the award, and voters are asked to consider multiple factors, including fairness, cooperation, efficiency, accuracy and presentation of media notes, quality of media guide and willingness to help facilitate interviews.
Please share the three things you learned from the class Thursday with Nate. The deadline is Tuesday March 31, a half hour before the start of class.

14 Responses to “Nate Ewell: 3 things”

  1.   Sara Ronken Says:

    Three things from Nate Ewell:

    1. Media relations will always be around. As other jobs in the business are diminishing, it gives the media relations field more responsibilities.

    2. Experience is really important on a resume. Potential employers pay a lot more attention to internships, versus what field of study the applicant is in.

    3. Ewell made $45 an hour as a temp at Fannie Mae—Crazy!

  2.   Christopher Brooks Says:

    Three Things:

    1. The NHL Awards has moved to Las Vegas this year. Ewell said, “I think Las Vegas is perfect.” He went on to say it makes it a celebrity event and they can roll out the red carpet for the athletes.

    2. Coach Boudreau’s had his steamed answer about the Ovechkin stick celebration planned. They knew the question was going to be asked prior to the Toronto game and they had a couple hours to prepare an answer so they would leave it alone and stop asking about it.

    *Very smart on the Caps organization’s part to hopefully put to rest the subject.*

    3. Alexander Semin doesn’t speak English or talk to reporters – he doesn’t want to. It will hurt him in the long run. There are times where he’s legitimately hurt, but he doesn’t communicate because he doesn’t speak English.

  3.   Mike Foss Says:

    Three things from Nate Ewell:

    1. The Capital’s media relations department can control the content they put up on their website which gives them a freedom and luxury they don’t have with other new outlets like The Washington Post.

    2. Internships carry more weight than your field of study in college (Ewell was a history major).

    3. Ewell believes that with the NHL Awards weekend being moved to Las Vegas the NHL will gain more celebrity starpower….we’ll see

  4.   Fox Parker Says:

    Three things I learned from Nate Ewell:

    1) There is a part of the hockey media that doesn’t want hockey to succeed, they like it as a small niche sport.

    2) Media relations is a great job when people are cooperative and a tough job when people are uncooperative

    3)The media relations has the ability to give a hockey fan more info on the caps then most other news outlets.

  5.   Andrew Says:

    3 Things From Nate Ewell

    1) The NHL is looking forward to having the Awards in Las Vegas because nobody wants to go to Canada for an award show.

    2) Internships are very very important. Nate’s Undergrad degree really has nothing to do with what he is doing now.

    3) Even though the Caps are doing extremely well this year, they still struggle to get much coverage by the Washington Post.

  6.   Diana Friedman Says:

    Diana Friedman

    Three Things from Nate Ewell:

    1. Your opinion can never be injected into what you say and do when you are in media relations.

    2. The Capitals organization turns down many requests for Alex Ovechkin’s presence.

    3. Alexander Semin speaks no English and shows no desire to learn. This does inhibit his representation in the media.

  7.   Eric Vitoff Says:

    Three things learned from Nate Ewell:

    1. It’s Nate’s job to not give his opinions. He has to be vanilla.

    2. I did not know the details of the different levels of media access granted by the Capitals (i.e. press box or stands, etc.)

    3. Ovechkin doesn’t speak English!

  8.   bmurphy6 Says:

    Brendan Murphy
    Communication 371-001
    Sports Reporting/klein
    3 Things I learned: Nate Ewell

    1.Experience in terms of being marketable is more important than the degree.

    2.There is a part of the hockey media that doesn’t want hockey to succeed, they like it as a small niche sport.

    3.Your opinion can never be injected into what you say and do when you are in media relations.

  9.   Colin Fitzgerald Says:

    Things I learned from Nate Ewell:

    1. When you control your own content it doesn’t matter what publications feel is newsworthy.

    2. Bloggers are legit, they promote Capitals content.

    3. Semin doesn’t speak English.

  10.   Kevin Healy Says:

    Three things from Nate Ewell.

    1.Maximizing a players performance on the field is a full time job for the coaching staff. Maximizing a players performance (image) off the field is the full time job of the media relations staff.

    2.Media relations is enjoyable when the athletes are cooperative and buy into the team image. If not, the job can be a drag.

    3.Nate is paid to promote the Capitals image, not to dispense his own opinions. Pride has to be swallowed to preserve a unified public image.

  11.   Evan Says:

    1. Dramatization: Alexander Semin is a complete badass, refusing to even consult with fellow Russians Alex Ovechkin and Sergei Fedorov to help master English.
    Reality: Semin doesn’t need to know the English word for “goal” or “hockey stick”, as long as he keeps playing at the professional caliber that he has exhibited since being with the Capitals.

    2. A heavy resume of internships and work experience is very important. Ewell was a history major, and now he’s about as far away from that field of study as possible (if we don’t consider the History of the NHL as a valid subject)

    3. Staying tight-lipped and swallowing pride helps cohesion among the team and fans and the inability of certain parties to promote instability.

  12.   Ben Libby Says:

    Nate Ewell 3 things:

    1. The internship opportunity is key to landing a big-time job down the road.

    2. Bruce Boudreau was prepared to deliver his speech to the media prior to the question even being asked because Nate was informed of the media’s story on Ovechkin’s antics.

    3. “Red is Cap’s Hockey”

  13.   Grant Paulsen Says:

    1. Bloggers can provide quality coverage. People in DC want lots of Capitals coverage and the big networks and papers aren’t always going to provide it. Bloggers can.

    2. Teams that can control their own content can call their own shots and portray what they one. But they still need to be fair to be credible.

    3. Internships can pay off big-time.

    4. According to Nate, being good a media relations has a lot to do with the players you are working with.

    5. Some major press conference answers can be staged to serve a purpose.

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