Alan Goldenbach answers your questions

February 9, 2010

Alan Goldenbach spoke to my Sports Writing & Reporting class at George Mason University on Feb. 4. Always generous with his time, Alan couldn’t answer all the students’ questions in class, so he took them home with him and now answers online. Feel free to comment in the trackback section below. Alan writes: My apologies […]

Maureen Nasser: 3 things

January 26, 2010

Maureen Nasser is in her sixth year as Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations. Here’s an interview with Maureen. Also see this site for information about covering sports at George Mason. If you plan to cover a George Mason sports event, you must notify the instructor by e-mail a minimum of 24 hours before the […]

Who’s your columnist/blogger/Tweeter #1

January 26, 2010

Your comment must be posted by 30 minutes before the Tuesday Feb. 2 class. You must include the URL of the column or blog item so that others can read it, too. Let me know if you have any questions. Pictured above: The Washington Post and WJFK’s Mike Wise with … well, you know with who. […]