Books and movies

Joey Adams

Book: “Gabby: Confessions of a Hockey Life”
Movie:  “The Rocket”

Philip Berry

Book: “Loose Balls”
Movie: “Coach Carter”

Kerry Burns

Book: “A Good Walk Spoiled: Days and Nights on the PGA Tour”
Movie: “Brian’s Song”

Lindsey Enslen

Book: “Dan Rooney: My 75 Years with the Steelers”
Movie: “Jerry McGuire”

Teodor Handarov

Book: “The Last Shot”
Movie: “Goal!”

Lyndse Hokanson

Book: “Fever Pitch”
Movie: ESPN 30-for-30: “The Band That Wouldn’t Die”

Brandon Katz

Book: “Friday Night Lights”
Movie: “Friday Night Lights”

Fraz Khalid

Book: “Foul: The Connie Hawkins Story”
Movie: “Run, Ricky, Run!”

Max McFarland

Book: “Playing for Pizza”
Movie: “Rudy”

Jimmy McGrath

Book: “Golf Dreams: Writing on Golf”
Movie: ESPN 30-for-30: “Ricky Williams”

Rycki Robertson

Book: “Hoop Dreams: The Story of Hardship and Triumph”
Movie: “Hoop Dreams”

Greg Walsh

Book: “Greatest Game Ever Played”
Movie: “Tim Cup”

Tom Weingart

Book: “Into Thin Air”
Movie: “Any Given Sunday”

Adam Woodard

Book: “Don’t Put Me In, Coach”
Movie: “Miracle”

Ashley Zamberlan

Book: “The Sweet Science”
Movie: “Bull Durham”

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