Internship opportunity

December 27, 2007

Dear George Mason University students,As a former GMU student, I like to help create opportunities for fellow Patriots. Take note of this internship below and note that you will be working directly with me. This opportunity will only be given to those students who are self-motivated and are willing to work hard. See below. Cross-Platform […]

Who cares about you!

December 27, 2007

The talking heads on television sometimes forget how they got there. In a rapidly changing world of sports media, where the written word has taken a back seat to the shouted one, many sportswriters have become so enchanted with their own likeness that they’ve forgotten one of the cardinal rules of journalism: No one cares […]

Don’t call me a fan

December 26, 2007

The post below is from “The Daily Fix,” the Wall Street Journal’s sports blog written by Jason Fry and Carl Bialik. It’s a great place to look for some of the best daily writing about sports.If you read the Washington Post’s Alan Goldenbach‘s item below this one, you’ll understand why he and I are sometimes […]

Best seat in the house

December 26, 2007

Here’s a post from the Washington Post’s Alan Goldenbach, who will be our class guest sometime in February: I got to reading Bill Plaschke (pictured) of the Los Angeles Times during the year I lived in California right after college. I think he humanizes athletes better than anyone else. He finds the qualities that you […]

Clemens’ uses multimedia to relay his message

December 23, 2007

Fifteen days after The Mitchell Report surfaced and stripped Roger Clemens of his Cy Young Awards — at least in the courtroom of public opinion — the New York Yankee pitcher posted a carefully-worded video on the web site of his foundation: The Roger Clemens Foundation. While the video seems incredibly convincing, it is unfortunate […]

Who ya gonna count on?

December 18, 2007

We’re going to talk about blogs, contribute to this blog, and try to better understand the legitimacy and impact of the 10-year-old online format throughout the semester.Ironically, I first set up a blog about nine years ago without knowing it was a blog when my soon-to-be friend Craig Calonica reported by satellite phone for […]

Turning the page on the Mitchell Report

December 17, 2007

Here’s a column written by Norman Chad called “It’s Time To Turn Page On Report” from Monday’s Washington Post that really helps put the Mitchell Report into perspective. “Its Time to Turn Page on Report” What I like about this opinion piece is that it puts into perspective what the report actually means in the […]

All about: Tony Budny

December 15, 2007

Tony Budny (not seen here due to the fact he doesn’t have a picture on his computer to share) is a television producer for Voice of America in Washington, D.C.Tony graduated from George Mason University in May with a Communication degree. He has worked at WAYZ in Greencastle, Pa. as well as at The Herald-Mail […]

The Mitchell Report

December 15, 2007

So, who makes you angrier concerning release of the Mitchell Report on steroid use in baseball on Thursday?The cheats themselves: the players? Most athletes will do just about anything to achieve a competitive advantage. We’ve certainly see that play out in professional cycling. I feel sorriest for the players who refused to cheat and break […]

Sports on fun (not steroids)

December 15, 2007

Remember when sports was fun and the fans had a true connection with a team and its players?Jeff Klein of the New York Time’ wonderful SlapShot blog alerted me to this video with his post: Below, an amazing document of communion between hockey fans and players. It was recorded last Friday night in Martin, Slovakia, […]