Who’s your columnist #13 (final entry)

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  1.   ssokler Says:

    “Ryan pick should fly” by Bob Ryan

    In his Sunday column on the NFL draft, Bob Ryan focused upon the Atlanta Falcon’s first-round selection of local star, Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan.

    After the crushing football and public relations blows of Michael Vick’s criminal problems, and the Falcons’ coach quitting before the end of season to return to college coaching, the Falcons needed a positive new start. Bob Ryan’s column argues that Matt Ryan is in fact a good one.

    It can be found at:


  2.   Elliot Says:

    “Mound of Concerns”
    By: Thomas Boswell
    Saturday, April 26, 2008

    In this article Boswell focuses on the most import issue that Washington Nationals are currently facing. It may be nice that the team has a new ballpark but they want to be able to do well while playing in it.
    Boswell brings up the concern that the Nationals have for their top ace and there top closer. Shawn Hill and Chad Cordero are both struggling with potential arm injuries which could be crucial to the team’s bullpen.
    Boswell gives great quotes from the both pitchers themselves about how they feel about their arms. Both are nervous but are not going to let the tension stop them until it absolutely has too. These two pitchers are the key to helping the Nationals contend in the National League. If they lose even one of them then the season will be a shaky one.
    As Boswell states, “Without those two the entire pitching staff deteriorates,” and that, “Hill is essential to the Nat’s humble quintet.”
    Boswell further explains that even though the Nationals have been offensively powerful, they still need those two pitchers. Both pitchers are able to pitch but they need to be very careful about their arms.
    Boswell once again writes a great feature story. His use of words and the way he describes both pitchers is really good.
    Two great lines I liked by Boswell were:
    • “The real key to being an entertaining competitive team, not a disappointing one, lies at the top of the rotation and the back of the bullpen.”
    • “… even a sweet summer in a ritzy new house could get mighty long for the Nats.”

    Check it out at:

    FYI – Cordero one inning Saturday night against the Cubs. He gave up no hit and had two strikeouts.

  3.   Latonya Says:

    “Joe DeGuardia seeks ‘Paradise'”

    By Tim Smith

    The lead of this story begins as though Tim Smith is having a conversation with a friend. It is simple, yet it states enough to let the reader know about the topic. Here is the lead paragraph,

    “When you say a boxing match has the potential to be “Fight of the Year,” it better be more than the usual hype. That is the situation promoter Joe DeGuardia of Star Boxing finds himself in.”

    This article is about the match between Andrey Tsurkan and Jesse Feliciano at Utopia’s Paradise Theatre in the Bronx.

    I liked this article because it was an easy read. It was that simple. It gave me all of the information, while giving me the highlights from a previous fight.

    It gave the right amount of information to get the reader excited about the fight to come.

    Here is the link:


  4.   Nadia Says:

    Bad inning dooms the Royals
    -Joe Posnanski

    I just don’t feel like the game of baseball is Posnanski’s favorite sport. Or, at least not the Kansascity Royals.

    This is the second article he’s written about the Royals that does not show his usual enthusiasm. He can even be negative about gold and still write enthusiastic about it. The Royals on the other hand he uses boring words like humiliating and powerless.


  5.   Dylan Cavalheri-Gaiteri Says:

    Vick’s future isn’t in Atlanta; is it anywhere in NFL?

    By Gene Wojciechowski

    In his monday, April 28 column, Gene Wojciechowski writes about how the Atlanta Falcons are effectively cutting ties with Michael Vick by drafting Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan.

    Wojciechowski writes about how the two quarterbacks are polar opposites of each other in their playing style. Wojciechowski also writes about how Vick was in the exact same situation on draft day seven years ago, and the changes that have happened to him are drastic.

    The full article can be read at:


  6.   Robert Says:

    “Field days: MLB’s best places to watch a game,” By Chris De Luca

    In his latest article, De Luca ranks the 30 MLB stadiums. At the top of his list is Fenway Park in Boston, while Tampa Bay’s Tropicana Field was rated last.

    Interestingly, Wrigley Field is not ranked in the top 15. De Luca points out that although the field is charming on the first visit, its flaws start to become more glaring after multiple trips. He mentions that he stadium needs a “strong power-washing.”

    The White Sox stadium, U.S. Cellular Field, made the top 15. De Luca points out his approval of the White Sox stadium over Wrigley Field, saying “For my one perfect day of baseball in Chicago, give me U.S. Cellular Field over the crumbling palace at Clark and Addison.”

    It will be interesting to see if De Luca changes his ratings when the Mets open their new stadium.

    Here is the link:

  7.   DannyU Says:

    For One Night, Three Times Better

    This article is about the Wizards win over the Cavaliers in game three, 108-72.
    Wilbon talks about the history between the Wizards and Cav’s rivalry and how Washington was finally able to play the way they should.
    Again, Wilbon drops a number of clebreties names into the mix like Colin Powell and Solja Boy, while referencing the crowd at Verizon Center.
    The article mainly centers around the Wizards ability to get overthe LeBron James problem that has been plaguing them throughout this rivalry.
    I am starting to see signs of a “homer” attitude in Wilbons articles. Not for Washington, but for the Wizards over the Capitals, or Woods over Federer. It is starting to irritate me on some level.
    Apart from that a good article.

  8.   Mike Coppinger Says:


    Uber Edition of The Links

    By Bill Simmons

    Simmons gives his favorite web-links to various different sports-related web sites and videos.

    Many of them are you tube. One of my favorites is the video of a guy stuck in an elevator for 41 hours.

    I also enjoyed the link he provided for the video where Dr. J cheap-shoted Larry Bird.

  9.   Jeremy Says:

    Jayson Stark’s latest column is a really interesting one in which he analyzes the best hitters in the game to determine who is the most feared.
    In recent years, Barry Bonds has been the most feared hitter in the game, hands-down. Now that he is out of a job (for a multitude of reasons that Stark tactfully avoids enumerating), the question of who is most feared is a little more up in the air.
    The topic is really interesting because it’s not really something that I’ve seen anyone really cover up until now. Stark didn’t just throw out his opinion, but he actually polled a number of managers and scouts to determine what the concensus was. The results were not especially surprising for anyone who knows baseball well, but it was pretty interesting to see how it played out.
    I appreciate that Stark was able to make an interesting story out of a non-event. It’s not a topic that a journalist would get to cover, since it’s not really an event. Stark takes advantage of his columnist status to cover a really interesting topic in a very informed and analytical manner.
    Check it out:

  10.   Carlos Says:

    “Put up or shut up, Melo” by Woody Paige

    Woody’s column on Saturday is a clear shot taken at Carmelo Anthony. He said that the “superstar” gave up and laid down– again. His playoff performance on Saturday, as well as his playoff career with the Nuggets during the past five years, has been a big disappointment.

    Paige makes it clear that the Nuggets aren’t in the same hemisphere as the No. 1 seeded Lakers. However, his focus for this column is on Melo’s lack of productivity, lack of intensity, and his negative attitude towards the team.

    George Carl’s relationship with Melo has deteriorated, and the team seems to have given up. Anthony said that the players and coaches gave up, as he was screaming at Carl during the fourth quarter of last game saying: “don’t just sit there.

    Paige shifts the blame on Anthony’s attitude: he had his smiley-face on after his missed those easy shots. He should have been frowning, screaming at him self and not at the referee and everyone else. Man up!


  11.   matt Says:

    For Ochoa, Virginia May be Historic

    Leonard Shapiro writes a column about Lorena Ochoa, who he seems to be a huge fan of. This is his second column about her in the past month. Ochoa is having a breakthrough season and she’s on her way to becoming a star. This column is about the fact that if she wins this upcoming tournament in Virgina she will start setting records.
    The interesting thing is I don’t think that most sports fans even know who she is. I’m glad Shapiro is writing about her and giving her some notoriety or else she would relatively be unknown. The column gives interesting stats about her and I believe everyone should be aware of what Ochoa is accomplishing.

  12.   matt Says:

    Sorry I forgot to show http://www.washingtonpost.com

  13.   josh Says:

    Clayton talked about the winners and losers in the NFL draft. The URL is to follow, but anybody who follows the off-season pretty much knows and those you don’t probably don’t care much about the off-season.

    Bottom line Clayton pointed out was you are either a winner or a loser. Don’t just think about those words for transactions that were made on Saturday. Think about the overall impact it will have for the next few years to come. The Atlanta Falcons are putting the stock on Matt Ryan. It is a new era for the Falcons. Will they be a winner or a loser? Time will tell. At least Arthur Blank — owner of the Falcons is doing everything he can to save the franchise.

    Clayton called the Patriots losers. But they saved money, traded the 1st round 7th overall pick and still got the linebacker they wanted. Sounds like a winner to me.


  14.   Eric Says:

    Mitch flashback: Oh, how things have changed with the NFL draft

    By: Mitch Albom

    The wealth of knowledge that Albom has for sports and history is evident in his stories. He is able to paint a picture with words with descriptions and analogies.

    The next most important aspect of his writing is the story telling and how the reader has the feeling that they are first hand hearing exactly what the subject said.

    Then a personal favorite style of Albom is the way that he transitions and begins a new section with a bold caption to prepare the reader for his next thought.

    To read the article goto:

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