Who’s your columnist #12

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  1.   ssokler Says:

    “They were ready for job from Day 1” by Bob Ryan

    In his Sunday column, Ryan turns to the NBA playoffs, and the expectations surrounding the local team, the Celtics, favorities to win it all.

    Or in Ryan’s words: “Just when did Hope evolve into Expectaion for the 2007-08 Celtics ? Exactly when did the idea that the Celtics could win the 2008 NBA championship change to the idea that the Celtics should win the NBA championship ?”

    The Celtics have Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. They won 66 games, and have home court advantage against everyone. Expectations are high.


  2.   Josh Says:

    Clayton spoke about Chad Johnson from the Bengals. Johnson wants to be traded, but he is under contract with the Bengals.

    The solution which Clayton didn’t mention because he was just reporting the story is the team needs a defense. The offense has no holes, and Johnson wants to win. But so does Carson Palmer and T.J., but they’re not whining about it.

    Palmer is the leader of that team and I’m sure shares some similar sentiments. They are all competitors. What do you expect. But it could cost Johnson $14,000 daily once training camp begins as Clayton mentions. Clayton doesn’t see a trade in the works. I remember T.J. saying the Bengals should trade him. I agree


  3.   Eric Says:

    Homeschooled — by familiar-looking team
    By: Mitch Albom

    Albom does an amazing job telling stories within the story to bring the article full circle.

    Albom will have a story title then subtitles much like chapters to his story. This bold line helps the reader know when to transition along with a quote or transition sentence.

    In the article it talks about the Pistons who lost to the 76ers, (90-86) even without their old star Allen Iverson.

    Albom points out this information through a sub-story about how the coach of the 76ers molded his team to fit his coaching style. This nugget of information comes from good journalism and knowledge of the game.

    Albom’s writing is very informative and indepth to give a good story to the readers who might not know a vast majority of the information Albom incorporates into his articles.

    In Albom’s article he also kept the article moving very fluid with chronological order of information to help visualize the final minutes and moment of the game.

    To read this article:

  4.   Mike Coppinger Says:


    Some Old Emotions Are Bruin
    By Bill Simmons

    Simmons writes about the Boston Bruins, who he hasn’t followed in years. To be honest, I can’t remember the last column Simmons wrote even talking about hockey, never mind devoted entirely to the NHL.

    Simmons’ interest is piqued by the Bruins-Canadiens Game 7 which is taking place tonight in Montreal. Simmons talks about how many times he has seen the Habs beat the Bruins.

    Hockey is once relevant again for Simmons.

  5.   Dechele Says:

    “We’re missing the point about T.J. and J.C.”
    By: Scoop Jackson

    Scoop takes a look at the current situation in Toronto involving its two point guards T.J. Ford and Jose Calderon.

    The Raptors currently have the two point guards splitting time and sharing one roll, but there is a twist. Despite reports from outsiders and the fact that most believe the two could easily be stars and leadinf a team of their own. The two have actually found a way to get along, come together, and co exist as one.


  6.   Robert Says:

    “Just the start or the end?” By Chris De Luca

    In his latest article, De Luca describes how Chicago Cubs outfielder Felix Pie has been a mystery since joining the major leagues.

    Before joining the Cubs, Pie had a track record of success in the minor leagues. He rose from rookie ball to Class A, AA and AAA ball by eventually finding an offensive rhythm. De Luca points out that this is not happening with the Cubs, and time is running out.

    Due to the injury of Alfonso Soriano, Pie has received additional playing time. But his slow start has forced manager Lou Pinella to play veteran Reed Johnson more often. In addition, Soriano is expected to return to the Cubs lineup on May 1.

    Pie’s development appears to be a top priority for the Cubs. It will be interesting to see if any of the Cubs coaches can find a way to break Pie out of his major league slump.

    Here is the link:

  7.   DannyU Says:

    Advantage, LeBron

    Michael Wilbon speaks about the Wizards playoff series with the Cavaliers in this article. Actually, he more rips into the Wizards seemingly lack of effort in the 2 games played so far this series.
    Wilbon criticizes the Wizards three stars, Butler, Jamison and Arenas, and remarks how the three all-stars dont equal one super star like LeBron James.
    I havent read any articles from Wilbon quite like this one. For starters it is longer than most of his previous ones. Secondly, he really rips into the entire team, from the coach down. He calls them names and says they look downright “feeble”.
    It might make for an uncomfortable day for Wilbon interviewing the players after this article.


  8.   Nadia Says:

    Buddies from Kansas test themselves in race across India
    -Joe Posnanski

    This is actually a VERY interesting story. Posnanski is telling a story of two buddies who go to eat Indian food and decide to go on a auto rickshaw race across India.

    Posnanski isn’t just commenting in his column he’s telling a narrative story. You get involved in the story and want to know where these guys ended up.


  9.   matt Says:

    PGA’s Finchem Knew of Woods’ Knee Pain

    Leonard Shapiro, as we talked a little bit about during the last class wrote a column about the fact that he found out the PGA commissioner knew about Tiger’s knee problems that forced him to have surgery on it just a few days after the Masters. I think it’s interesting to go back and read it after hearing Shapiro talk about it himself. It’s a great column with a lot of insight and Shapiro wondered himself why no other writers wanted to speak with Finchem.

  10.   Latonya Says:

    “Age not an issue for Bernard Hopkins” By Tim Smith

    This article discusses the usual trash talking that accompanies an upcoming fight.

    This fight is set between Joe Calzaghe and Bernard Hopkins. It begins by telling how Calzaghe’s father presented Hopkins with a cane at the final press conference.

    I thought the angle on this story was great. Hopkins’ age was the main angle, but Smith interwined some trash talking into the mix.

    It was a very interesting read as Smith used his quotes to bring the story full circle.

    Also, an excellent article if you plan to watch the fight. Smith did a good job in using his story to further hype up the match.

    Here is the link: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/columnists/smith/index.html

  11.   Dylan Cavalheri-Gaiteri Says:

    g”NCAA, NBA should put end to one and dones”
    By Gene Wojciechowski

    In his most recent column, Gene Wojciechowski writes about how the NBA needs to let the players choose for themselves whether or not to enter the draft, he thinks that one and done player only hurt the schools they play for. Wojciechowski suggests that the NBA should follow the the example of the MLB draft, who will let players be drafted out of high school, but if they decide to go to college, they must stay until at least their junior year.


  12.   Will Says:

    “T-Bones’ Promotional Mess points out the importance of diversity” By Jason Whitlock

    In this week’s column Whitlock writes about the publicity scandal involving the Kansas City T-Bones. The scandal involved the team dressing up in prison uniforms for a game as a way of welcoming Michael Vick to a Kansas State Prison.

    The article is an interesting read. Whitlock is quick to not place all the blame on the T-Bones but on a greater societal problem.
    He even goes so far as to say so in the lede.

    The core of the article is about how someone in the organization should have realized what a bad idea the night was before it ever went public.

    You can read the story here :

  13.   Phil Murphy Says:

    “Spitz? Eight golds? ‘Relaxed’ Phelps not going there”

    By: Jim Caple

    In one of only two columns written in the last eight days, Caple comments on Michael Phelps’ “failure” at the 2004 Olympic Games to match Mark Spitz’s record of seven gold medals. Caple then directs the reader’s attention to the upcoming Summer Games in Beijing.

    Phelps made his goal very public to match — or break — Spitz’s record from the 1972 Games. He even had an $1 million incentive in his Speedo sponsorship for matching Spitz.

    Consequently, his outstanding achievement of eight medals, six gold, was perceived as a failure.

    Caple uses almost completely straight reporting in this column. The only point where he strays is with the overt sympathy he shows for Phelps’ criticism. Albeit totally justifiable, it is still an obviously discernable opinion.

    This nearly-void-of-opinion style has been a direct contrast to that which he uses when writing on baseball. Both of his Olympics columns have taken this approach.

    I’m not sure if this is because his knowledge base isn’t as deep as it is with baseball, or if he feels a responsibility to limit satire because the Olympics are slightly more formal. Either way his style change is undeniable.

    He almost seems like a direct writer.

    URL: Click Here

  14.   Carlos Says:

    “Forsberg proving to be a bargain” by Woody Paige

    As usual, Woody begins his most recent article with a fun catch phrase: Peter the Great Buy and the Wild goodbye.

    He quickly makes his point that Peter Forsberg has been a great buy for the Avalanche in this post season, and Mr. Toad for the Wild. The last time he was in the playoffs with the Avs, the Wild upset them. This year is the other way around, and Forsberg is gravy.

    I like the way that Paige structures his column; some of his best comments are separated from other bulkier paragraphs. It makes the read easier, and makes sense how he separates information that should stand out.

  15.   Carlos Says:

    Here’s the link: http://www.denverpost.com/paige/ci_8989366

  16.   Elliot Says:

    “Battle Continues for a Different Course”

    By: Tom Boswell

    In this article Boswell compares how around the time that the Masters occurs, it is usually the time that the Washington Capitals finish their season. But this year it is a little different. The Caps are currently in the playoffs and are playing against the fierce Flyers.
    The Capitals have not succeeded in the playoffs over the past year and Boswell give great facts that back this up. The Caps have only won four games in the playoffs in the past twenty years.
    Tom Boswell uses great AP style writing in this article which really grabbed my attention. For instance look at this line:

    “The want to keep playing smelly, bloody, smash-my-face-into-the-glass-one-more-time hockey as long they possibly can.”

    His article has great words and allows the readers to get a full idea of what the Capitals are facing and what their expectations are in the series.

    To read more go to:


  17.   stephen ball Says:

    Mike Wise wrote a great piece this week about Alex Ovechkin and Washington Capitals coming back from the brink of elimination against the Flyers.

    Wise writes that the Ovechkin is no doubt proving worthy of his new contract extension after struggling to adapt to post season play and credits Ovechkin for finding other ways to contribute (physicallity) when he was unable to find the back of the net.

    Read it here.


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