Wise/Ball/McCarthy: 3 things

A boy and his dog?

A boy and his dog?

GRADED EXERCISE: In the comments section below, add the three things you learned from our visit to WJFK/The Fan 980 on Tuesday March 2 with Mike Wise, Stephen Ball and Kevin McCarthy. All three are fair game. Feel free to make more than three entries. Deadline is noon Friday; this is a special early deadline. No use letting this hang into Spring Break. No exceptions!

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  1.   Ross Wilkers Says:

    Two things I took from Steve Ball:

    1. It is easier to succeed when teamed up with someone.

    2. Be willing to learn, ask questions, work hard and be confident.

    One thing I learned from Mike Wise is that people want the real you. Sophisticated audiences can tell if you are being real or not.

  2.   John Maul Says:

    Three things i learn on the visit to WJFK:

    1.When starting out in the radio business you will work for next to nothing and long hours.

    2.Take every opportunity that presents itself, by doing this you’ll be able to figure out what it is you want to do.

    3.When working on multiple platforms you expose yourself to new things and experiences. It’s not favorable because you can be spread thin in different areas and might not be able to focus on one specific thing you’d like to do.

  3.   Paul Egeland Says:

    The things I learned were:

    1) Get someone in your corner that can help you throught your career.

    2) Take every and all oppurtunities that are sent your way.

    3) Be confident and do not be afraid to ask questions.

  4.   Ashleigh Bohlmann Says:

    Three things I learned from our speakers Ball, Wise & McCarthy:

    1. Find a niche. Create every opportunity for yourself. (Steve Ball)

    2. Make yourself known at your internship. (Kevin McCarthy)

    3. Find something you love. Believe you should be doing it & go for it. (Mike Wise)

  5.   Andrew Duke Says:

    I was not able to attend the field trip to the studio, so there where a couple of things I would of like to have learned from Mike Wise, Stephen Ball and Kevin McCarthy. The first would have been do they feel like radio will always have a permanent place in our media and why? I would of also liked to know what their advice was for someone trying to get into the radio business, for example what kind characteristics do people in radio need to have? The last thing I would of liked to learned would be how to secure a job in radio once you get it/ make yourself valuable to the company?

  6.   Kimmy Moss Says:

    1. Find someone to “keep in your corner,” as Steve Ball said. If they believe in you, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be confident and believe in yourself.

    2. Best qualities for an intern: capable, willing to learn and responsbile.

    3. Don’t go into anything with a backup plan in mind because your already won’t be in it 100% to what you’re doing.

  7.   Scott Hartman Says:

    1. Be willing to work for nothing or close to nothing – this job does not pay well until you get really good at it.

    2. Network as much as possible, hopefully someone will eventually stick their neck out for you.

    3. Find your own thing that no one else is doing, like the High School Radio show Stephen a BJ are doing.

  8.   Brian Glaser Says:

    Three things I learned from our trip to WJFK included:

    1. Be as diverse as possible in your interests, and be willing to work for free. No job will come easy.

    2. Sell yourself as being capable, and be aggressively patient.

    3. It’s easier to succeed with a team around you. Always be eager to learn, and find a niche that you’re comfortable with.

  9.   yasinjama Says:

    3 Things I learned from the WJFK Field Trip

    1)Find your niche, do something that no else is doing and be innovative.

    2) Networking, if you know someone from a company your interested, give them a contact and they will stick out for you.

    3) Be ready to learn and work. There isn’t a lot of money out of college and in some cases, you may have to work for free to gain experience firsthand.

  10.   Sarah El-Hage Says:

    There was a lot that I learned from the trip. Three things:

    1. I shouldn’t get my hopes for a big pay day. I will work for “peanuts” according to Steve Ball but I am okay with for right now.

    2. Networking is key to getting a good internship and never be afraid to ask someone for an internship. The worst anyone can say is no.

    3. When I do intern, be attentive and always be willing to learn.

  11.   Capricia Alston Says:

    The three things I learned from the WJFK trip:

    1. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to have a backup, but if you’re lining yourself up one, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

    2. Don’t expect somebody to hand you something. You have to be willing to work hard and many times for no pay.

    3. It is important to be as diverse as possible in your interests so you can do more things.

    4. Sharing is the new learning.

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