Who’s your columnist/blogger/Tweeter #3

The Boston Globe's Bob Ryan does it all.

The Boston Globe's Bob Ryan does it all.

Your comment must be posted by 30 minutes before the Tuesday Feb. 16 class. You must include the URL of the column or blog item so that others can read it, too. Let me know if you have any questions.

Pictured above: Boston Globe sports writer, columnist, blogger and all-around media star Bob Ryan has worked for the newspaper since 1969. His cross-platform work is being followed this semester by Sarah Kate Traynham.

33 Responses to “Who’s your columnist/blogger/Tweeter #3”

  1.   Scott Hartman Says:


    This week Bill Simmons did a retro diary of the Super Bowl. In the past, for big games in all sports, Simmons has done diaries, both live and retro.

    This retro diary starts at halftime of the Super Bowl, and continues through the rest of the game. After his diary is complete, Simmons posts some e-mails from readers relating to the Super Bowl.

    Simmons, a big New England Patriots fan, does not like Peyton Manning at all, and was very pleased to see Manning lose in the Super Bowl.

  2.   Katherine Zablonski Says:


    DiCesare this week discussed Zack Maynard’s departure from University of Buffalo. He said that with this spot being open now, they have room for a new quarterback.

    He discussed some different possibilites of who would be a good fit for the quarterback.

    As I read more of his writing, his style becomes a bit difficult to read. He is not very informative for those who are unsure of what is going on in Buffalo at the time.

  3.   Sarah El-Hage Says:


    This week Tim posted a video from SportsCenter with Herm Edwards in which Edwards says the Jets will be in the Super Bowl next year. Being a Jets fan, this greatly excited me. Herm is a smart man. There wasn’t a lot of commentary in this post, he just wrote about some of the highlights from the video.

    He also did some updates on the Bills’ coaching staff as well as a possible $3 million signing bonus for Tom Brady if (when) he resigns with Patriots after his contract expires. He also said that Brady can make up to $15-18 million per year with a new contract.

    And his last post was actually more of a feature and unusually long. It was still written in short paragraphs, just a 2-3 sentences per paragraph. This post was about NFL players donating their brains for study.

  4.   Octavia Trammell Says:

    This week Henry Abbott blogged about the affect the snow storms are having on All-Star travel.


    In this particular story, I liked how he used metaphors to describe certain situations.

    For example, he wrote:

    “Most people are stuck trying to win the lottery of finding seats on commercial flights out of the New York area.”

    I thought this was clever because it gave great imagery and you can visualize the frantic people looking for flights and tickets.

  5.   John Maul Says:


    This week Rick Reilly wrote about the conflict of interest the Manning family is having as to who to root for in the Super Bowl. The Manning family live in New Orleans and have been Saints fans every since Archie Manning was a quarterback for them from 1971-1982.

    I thought Rick did a great job painting a picture with his words to tell a story. He also used comedy in this words, which i’m finding more often in his work.

    Here are a few examples that showcase his writing style:

    “Can you imagine? A Super Bowl parade in New Orleans? It would make Mardi Gras look like two boys pulling a beagle in a wagon.”

    “These days in New Orleans, what everybody else is doing is going bazooka nuts over the Saints.”

    I never thought i would read the word bazooka in reference to the excitment of the city of New Orleans. You could use it to talk about Peyton Manning’s throwing arm but i think the term “laser rocket arm” does the job quite well.

  6.   Colin Says:

    Mike Wise’s latest column was about the “red-hot Capitals” and the impending Olympic Games. With a 17 day break coming up how will it effect the Capitals and their performance? Will the break end the Caps hot streak? Wise says yes and points out that it has happened to other teams in the past. Specifically the Detroit Redwings in the 2005-2006 season when they were on a hot streak prior to the Turin Olympic Games and wound up losing to the Edmonton Oilers in the first round of the playoffs. While Wise may be right about the Capitals, the Olympic Games are more important than any NHL teams individual efforts.

  7.   Ross Wilkers Says:


    No topical column from Grant Wahl since the Harkes-Sampson column. However, he contributed to SI’s World Cup profile series. Through April, SI.com profiles two World Cup teams a week. On Feb. 8, Wahl profiled Honduras, who will make their first World Cup appearance since 1982.

    Honduras is in Group H with Spain, Chile and Switzerland. Spain are the current European champions, Chile were strong in South American qualifying and Switzerland are a stingy team.

    Safe to say, Honduras will have their work cut out for them in South Africa this summer. However, if Wilson Palacios, turns it on for the world stage, they could get points and make the group close.

  8.   yasinjama Says:


    Dan Steinberg discuss another Wizards trade involving Caron Butler, Antwann Jamison, and Desean Stevenson to the Dallas Mavericks. Instead of being objective about the trade, Steinberg provides a numerical stat about the Wizards past and present roster moves.

    An example would be the number one: that is one player the Wizards will have left from their last playoff appearance in 2008.

    Number three as in three blockbuster trades the Wizards and Mavericks had made within the past decade. Those involve two future all-stars such as Devin Harris, Christian Laettner, Antwann Jamison, and Jerry Stackhouse.

    Finally a number five as in the Wizards being ranked fifth in the D.C area among local teams, even below the Nats and D.C United. Steinberg points out that the Nats have a bright with rookie Stephen Strasburg, veterans Adam Dunn and Tony Plush. The Nats also have the number one pick in the 2010 MLB entry draft. The Wizards have none of that on their plate.

  9.   Rob Elliott Says:


    This week LaVar Arrington responds to some of the recent allegations brought forward by Clinton Portis.

    Portis claimed that Arrington left the Redskins because he was no longer the face of the Redskins.

    He also promotes his radio show on 106.7 the FAN and upcoming guest, Mike Jones.

  10.   Brian Glaser Says:


    This week, Gene Wojciechowski addresses an issue that I am very passionate about. In his article, he discusses that the NCAA Tournament should not be expanded to 96 teams.

    Wojciechowski and I share the same opinion that it should stay at 65 teams. He argues that expanding the field will give too many teams a chance, and relinquish hard work that a team has given throughout a season. It would reduce the regular season to nothing but a seeding contest.

    Also, other things to consider are that if the field is expanded to 96 teams, what are the possible chances the lower teams would have for success? Wojciechowski also tells the reader to keep in mind that no No. 16 seed has ever defeated a No. 1 seed in the opening round of the tournament.

    I couldn’t agree more with Wojciechowski’s opinion on this issue. The tournament needs to stay the way it is, and needs to be limited to 65 teams.

  11.   Paul Egeland Says:

    This week Bill Plascke wrote about the luger that had died recently on turn 16 of the luge track. Plascke wrote about how one day after the trajedy it seems like the Olympic officials have gone back to buisness as usual and that they showed no genuine care and consern during their press release about the issue. He claims that they shed crocidile tears and spent about ten minutes during their lengthy investigation before they blaimed it on the luger himself.

  12.   Christine Blake Says:

    Dan Shaugnessy starts off his column discussing the Boston perspective on the Super Bowl. He says, “Typically, our take is a little different here in Greater Boston, where the game will be remembered as the night Peyton “A-Rod’’ Manning choked and coughed up the win.”

    He then goes on to mentioned the always victorious UCONN women’s basketball team. He mentions how they always seem to win by 40 points and are on track to beat their own NCAA record of winning 70 straight.

    Shaugnessy, sometimes deemed overly critical and negative, wrote about how Nomar Garciaparra auditioned for the MLB and ESPN networks yesterday, which is ironic for his unfriendly relationship with the media.


  13.   Kimmy Moss Says:


    So I guess Sally Jenkins has taken a little vacation since football season has ended.

    Not cool is all I have to say.

    So because for the second week now she has not put out a new column, I’m going to comment on one of her older columns about Gilbert Arenas.

    All in all, Jenkins basically summarizes Arenas in her closing line as this: “The Gilbert we’ve had up to now is a figment, a sketch. He has all the substance of a tattoo.”

    Without going into great detail, I think her point here is that Arenas needs to grow up and become more mature. Sure we see glimpses of greatness in him and can enjoy his humor, but at some point, his jokes can only go so far.

    I think Jenkins did a really nice job of articulating the multi-dimensional Arenas to her readers and I would strongly suggest that anyone who is interested checks out the article to see what I mean. And yes, still check it out even though I understand this topic is rather old!

    Bottom line, I think it’s important that Jenkins criticizes one of our area’s biggest sports icons. In doing so, she speaks for all of us out there who want a hometime sports hero we can rely on. And to get that, we need to put it out there that we demand AND expect more professionalism from them.

  14.   Thomas Maher Says:

    This week Martin Tyler’s focus is on the Premier Leagues top 2 teams, Chelsea and Manchester United.

    The first question that he answer is on who has benefited from the most own goals in a season as Manchester United already have 10 goals from that. Not only is that already a record, but only Wayne Rooney has given them more goals than their opponents have.

    After that is when he focuses on answering questions about player statistics from those two teams.

  15.   Ryan Harty Says:

    Mavericks owner Cuban gains in stature among NBA owners by Jeff Zillgitt


    I fully enjoyed reading the article about the Dallas Mavericks. Not because I love reading Jeff’s NBA articles but because of the interesting facts and statistics inside the story.

    “He has been a league trendsetter in marketing, ticket sales and fan entertainment. The Mavericks have sold out every home game since Dec. 15, 2001, a streak of 341 games.” I have followed NBA basketball for over 10 years and I had no idea about the Mavericks streak. This fact interested me so I did some further research. The Portland Trailblazers have the record for the most consecutive sold out games, 814 straight-games from 1977-1995.

    Jeff kept the reader entertained as well. “At 51 — although he doesn’t look much older than a decade ago, thanks to counting calories, exercising and using a face cream to help reduce lines — Cuban has learned to show restraint.” Jeff must have had a great conversation with Mark Cuban to get him to reveal that information.

    I love Jeff’s articles about NBA basketball. They are entertaining and always contain facts that a fan of basketball was unaware of. I look forward to reading the next article.

  16.   Ashleigh Bohlmann Says:


    I’m going to be taking about two topics that Chad Jennings wrote about. The first one is titled Granderson: “I came up as a left fielder” and I had no idea you could use a quote in a title. Wonder if it’s only for bloggers? Jennings touches on the subject of Brett Gardner possibly taking Curtis Grandersons’ field job.

    Second topic for today is Jennings write up of “State of the Yankees: Rotation”. He speaks about the best/worst case scenarios for the Yankees pitching line up. He boldens his words that he feels needs to be differentiated or pop out at the reader, uses a list-like form and gets his ideas across clearly. I learned that for blogging, after editing and adding something else, you should italicize your extra text.

  17.   Sarah Kate Traynham Says:


    Bob Ryan is currently covering the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. His most recent column is titled “Gold standard for hosts.”
    There has been much talk about Canada not being able to win a gold medal in an Olympics held on their own soil. Were the Canadians going to have to wait to see if the hockey team could do it? No, Alexandre Bilodeau was the first Canadian to ever win an Olympic gold medal on Canadian soil.
    Bilodeau, a 22-year old, won the men’s monguls in freestyle skiing on Sunday.
    The great thing about this column is that Ryan starts of saying, “It was as if the entire country was in labor. And inducing the baby was not an option.”
    That leading statement makes the reader want more.

  18.   Joe Russo Says:


    This week was pretty quite for Chad Ochocinco. It was his daughter’s birthday, she turned 12.

    He constantly complained about how he hates Valentines Day because he had no one to spend it with.

    “Going to the doctor this morning to see if they have medicine -my symptoms are 32 and single-I know they got a cure for that”

    He hosted a few live webcasts and watched Titanic in his Snuggie.

    As of today, he is headed to LA and had to pay a quarter to use the restroom on the plane.

  19.   brianmcclure Says:


    This week Ken Campbell focused his attention on this cities beloved Capitals.

    He discussed the Capitals high powered offense and whether or not this was going to be enough to propel them into the Stanley Cup Finals, and also allow them to walk away hoisting Lord Stanly’s Cup.

    Though Mr. Campbell points out that the Capitals are extremely fun to watch, and that they lead every team in the league in goals per game, what was there undoing last year was not offensive impotence but rather a no-show on the defensive side of the ice. This could be a problem again this year, according to Mr. Campbell

  20.   Capricia Alston Says:


    Jack Bell’s Valentine’s Day blog:

    This was an absolute amazing blog because it came along with a youtube video. Although Bell did not write much, it displayed his humor and awareness of “holidays”. He posted a video by Puma, of a group of mostly male adult soccer fans singing a romantic song. Not only is this just a funny video in general, but it gives us an idea of Bell’s commitment to his blogging. He acknowledged Valentine’s Day and gave the extra effort to make it a little more convincing and “romantic”.

    It is quite rare to see a group of males singing at a pub, especially hardcore soccer fans at that. For Bell to not only blog, but also find an appropriate video for this day shows his passion and humor for his job. It makes me look forward to many blogs to come.

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