BJ Koubaroulis: 3 things

GRADED EXERCISE: In the comments section below, add the three things you learned from BJ Koubaroulis‘s presentation. Deadline is 30 minutes before class on Tuesday April 1.

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  1.   Josh Says:

    BJ Koubaroulis: 3 things

    1. You can’t just be a writer anymore. You have to work harder than ever – understand HTML and know how to work video.

    2. Work now for free.

    3. When getting ready to meet someone you are interviewing for the first time, especially in high school, it’s all about preparation, making calls and doing the research.

  2.   elliot Says:

    BJ Koubaroulis: 3 Things

    1. When preparing for a career in sports journalism do more than just writing. Put a video clip together and work on media productions along with your writing skills.

    2.Don’t leave a mess for your editor to take care of. This may lead to you no longer writing.

    3. You DO NOT know more than your editor!

  3.   Jeremy Says:

    Three things that i learned from BJ Kourbaroulis:

    1. It’s important to be multi-talented and be able to support a company (or several companies) across multiple formats.

    2. Writing about high schoolers can be extremely rewarding because of the feedback that you get.

    3. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t do audio or video — you have to overcome your fears and apprehensions in order to broaden your skills.


  4.   Phil Murphy Says:

    BJ Koubaroulis three things:

    1. Diversify your talents and you’ll make yourself irreplaceable to employers. If you ever have an opportunity to learn another skill, definitely go for it.

    2. Work now for free. Once you graduate, you’ll never have that opportunity again.

    3. You can’t just be a writer anymore. One-dimensional writing is a dead industry.

  5.   ssokler Says:

    B.J. Koubaroulis: 3 things.

    1. Now, you have to be a triple threat. You have to be able to handle print, online, and video, and need skills to handle all three together.

    2.Don’t leave the dirty work for your editor. Do your best to give them your best work possible. “You should be handling your own mess.”

    3. Interviews are much more difficult with high school athletes. Pros must be respectful–they might be fined if not being cooperative with the media.

  6.   Latonya Says:

    BJ Koubaroulis: 3 things

    1. Get over being shy in front of the camera. You can use that experience to develop your skills.

    2.”You can use your greatness later, once you learn the bare bones.” BJ discussed knowing the basics when it comes to your writing.

    3. Many people think they know more than the editor when they first enter the business of sports writing.

  7.   Eric Says:

    B.J. Koubaroulis: 3 Things-

    1. Work now for free while you have the means.

    2. You must be well rounded. You cannot be just a writer anymore.

    3. Learn to become comfortable infront of the camera.

  8.   Robert Says:

    What I learned from BJ Koubaroulis:

    1. It is important to understand how to shoot and edit video; put yourself in multimedia opportunities.

    2. When blogging, be accurate so that the blog does not lose credibility.

    3. Source building at the high school level is important.

  9.   DannyU Says:

    B.J. Koubaroulis
    3 things:

    1. I found it interesting what BJ was saying about cross platform journalism being a necessity now.

    2. You need to constantly look for new inovative ideas in the industry. Be willing to put yourself out there.

    3. In order to do video, you have to do it. Get infront of the camera and get the experience needed.

  10.   Nadia Says:

    BJ Koubaroulis: 3 Things

    1. Don’t Write Coach Leads: try to find other sources besides the coach.

    2. Don’t think you know more then your editor.

    3. Work for free now.

  11.   Dechele Says:

    BJ Koubaroulis: 3 things

    1. It is no longer good enough to just be a writer. You have to know print, media, web, understand HTML, and know how to work video.

    2. One little unpaid job can lead to so many different opportunities.

    3. Be prepared and have knowledge of what you are covering before hand.

  12.   Brittany Says:

    BJ Kourbaroulis: 3 Things I learned

    1. It is important to be well rounded and familiar with many different aspects of the field.

    2. Get over being shy infront of the camera.

    3. Readers calling with complaints about your articles can become very useful sources.

  13.   Dylan Cavalheri-Gaiteri Says:

    1. You must go above and beyond yourself, and can not settle for just being a writer

    2. Do not go above your editor

    3. Do your research!

  14.   Mike Coppinger Says:

    1. Augment your resume. Learn html and video editing.

    2. Don’t hound parents. If you hound the player’s parents they may not give you good info.

    3. Make good quotes.

  15.   Will Says:

    Three things I learned from BJ

    1. It is important to have a wide variety of skills, other than just writing, in the journalim field.

    2. Get as many bylines as you can even if you do not get paid for them.

    3. When you start in the business listen to your editor. They know more than you do.

  16.   Carlos Says:

    BJ Koubaroulis: 3 Things

    1. Make yourself multifasceted in your media repertua- print, video, and online. You’ll be more valuable.

    2. Work now for free; it will open doors for you in the future.

    3. Don’t lead with the coach unless it’s pertinent. Go for the important players, and ask them good questions to get good quotes.

  17.   ambar Says:

    Three things I learned from BJ:

    1. YOu sould work for free now that you are in school so that when you are older and done with school you would have already gained a lot of experience.

    2. A new writer does not know more than the editor.

    3. It isn’t enought to be just a writer anymore. The more you know the more people will want to hire you.

  18.   matt Says:

    1. Work hard for free now while you can.

    2. You need to be more than just a writer, there’s no jobs for us in that field.

    3.High scholl writing can be more effective due to the accessability.

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