Extra Credit: Frank Deford on sports writing

Got a comment on the video we watched in class on Thursday?
Frank Deford had quite a bit to say about sports writing. What do you have to say about Deford?
Make a comment here for extra credit. Deadline is Tuesday classtime March 25.

14 Responses to “Extra Credit: Frank Deford on sports writing”

  1.   Latonya Says:

    One of the concepts that stood out to me while watching the film was Frank Deford’s genuine committment to those those athletes he considered his friends.

    The Arthur Ashe story could have been another breaking point for his career, but he chose to respect Ashe’s wishes of not releasing the story.

    Many times people lose sight of respecting others’ privacy, and I think this was a great example of a reporter who can balance what should be breaking news, and what should wait.

  2.   Josh Says:

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the film. Very interesting and enjoyable to watch. I’m glad we don’t have to use typewriters.

  3.   Nadia Says:

    I really enjoyed this movie! It was really interesting to see how Deford go into the heart of his story.
    He had many transitions in his career and he was always looking for the next big thing.

  4.   DannyU Says:

    I really like how Deford approaches his stories. He seems more like a fan than a sports reporter. The ability he has to find an angle that most people will not even see is pretty amazing. In addition the fact that those angles make great stories that are thought provoking and interesting is something most sports writeres strive for.

  5.   Jeremy Says:

    The thing that stood out most about the video was Frank Deford’s ability to find the story behind the story.
    I am really intrigued by his story about the guy who travelled across the country with a whale, and how he managed to work that into a sports magazine. I will have to look that one up.

    Basically the idea is that there is always more to the story than what you see at the surface. I think that’s important to remember in any sort of journalism, not just sports journalism.

  6.   stephen ball Says:

    Having read Deford in the pages of SI over the years, I knew going into the movie that the movie would be a treasure.

    Deford is what many in sports journalism strive to become.

    His ability to relate sports no American culture was amazing.

  7.   Robert Says:

    The show about Frank Deford gave me some insight into the career of the influential sportswriter. What strikes me about Deford is the well-rounded quality of his writing. He combines his knowledge of sports with historical and cultural references which makes his stories unique.

  8.   Carlos Says:

    Watching Frank Deford’s film in class was very inspirational. What I enjoyed the most were the great stories that Deford wrote, going beyond what was expected, and capturing a more human side to the athletes he portrays.

    His passion and investigative skills are worth mentioning because he has set the standard for great sports writing.

    Deford’s ethics are admirable, and his ability to transcend a sports piece is what makes most of his work stand the test of time, and relevant to read still to this day.

  9.   matt Says:

    Frank Deford’s story was incredibly touching and heartwarming. I think it made everyone think about someone we have lost or care about in our lives. He clearly knows how to tell a moving story. I think that his biggest strength is how he tells the story to capture such emotion. There’s no doubt that the story was going to be emotional no matter how it was told, but he told it in such a captivating way that it turned out to be an incredibly moving story to hear.

  10.   Will Says:

    I really enjoyed the Deford film. What I found so fascinating was how Deford immersed himself in his stories while maintaining his objectivity.

    Deford’s telling of his daughter’s death was tragic but it was interesting how he infused sports in with the death of his little girl as a way to connect witht the viewer.

  11.   Eric Says:

    Frank Deford’s story was heart felt and chilling in the way that he talked about the death of his daughter.

    Deford was storytelling about the life of his beautiful daughter who wasn’t expected to live but for a very short period of time the Doctors told Deford.

    Deford was fortunate enough to be able to watch his daughter live beyond her life expectancy with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

    From telling his story, Deford brought in others stories to emphasize and capativate a larger audience. This method of journalism helped to increase his story onto a larger platform in covering a wider lense of public interest.

    This story was very informative and chilling. I recommend this story to others for its techniques and Deford’s sports journalism expertise.

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