Take the jump

January 31, 2013


Ever wonder what it’s like to go down the longest ski jumping hill in the world (it’s in Norway, of course)? Sorry I can’t embed this (no code), but you can use the link to take the plunge in on the ski-flying hill inĀ Vikersundbakken at Vikersund in Modum, Norway. The longest jump is 246.5 meters.

Interviewing tip: Follow-up questions

January 26, 2013

Here’s a great item from Poynter on the value of follow-up questions.

Note the use of tags, video and tweets in the item. Are you including these items?

Tyler Hamilton: “We all did … I did.”

May 19, 2011

The underdog speech

May 14, 2011

History was not made this year (but …)

May 14, 2011

Gordie Howe will leave you tongue-tied!

May 11, 2011

Pavel Datsyuk interview: ‘We still believe.’

May 11, 2011

A conversation with SBNation

May 7, 2011

A new sheriff for Mason men’s basketball

May 6, 2011

Did he really do that?!

May 6, 2011

This goes back a couple years, but it remains one of my all-time favorite hockey moments. Don’t miss the look on Dan Cleary’s face at the the very end of the video: